High-Altitude Baking Workshop

I moved to Santa Fe from Virginia Beach almost two years ago and failed to realize that there would be some challenges to cooking caused by going from sea-level to 7,000+ feet.

Today I took the High-Altitude Baking Workshop offered by Las Cosas Kitchen Shoppe.

Class description: At 7000′, Santa Fe offers special challenges to cooks who are accustomed to cooking at sea level. Come and pick up invaluable tips on adjusting recipes for perfect results every time. We will compare the results achieved from making the high altitude adjustments with a batch of the recipe baked unadjusted. We’ll also prepare: Quick Focaccia, Buttermilk Biscuits, Green Chile Cheddar Souffle, Flourless Chocolate Cake, and more. (Hands-on)

We were divided up and I got to make the foccacia.

Below is my garden herb focaccia.


3 thoughts on “High-Altitude Baking Workshop

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